Sports injuries can be dramatic or subtle, sudden or slow-growing, and mildly annoying or downright debilitating. None of these options are good ones — but the natural treatment solutions at Integrated Medical Group can help. We’re proud to offer natural, non-surgical sports injury care to Glen Carbon, Illinois athletes of all skill and commitment levels, from players on school teams and “weekend warriors” to full-time professionals.

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How Sports Injuries Put You on the Bench

Sports injuries can afflict practically any part of the musculoskeletal system. High-impact sports such as football, wrestling and hockey obviously carry the risk of acute injuries as bodies collide with the playing surface and/or each other. Impacts to the spinal column can throw your vertebrae out of position, producing herniated discs, impinged nerve roots, and excruciating back or neck pain.

But sports injuries can also develop over an extended period of time, not making them obvious until chronic pain results. Many types of strains and sprains, for instance, are the product of chronic overuse of the affected joint, possibly aggravated by poor posture or musculoskeletal balance. Every time you use the joint, micro-tears form in the tissues — and when those tissues don’t get any downtime to repair, you end up with chronic pain and inflammation. Examples of this type of injury include:

  • Runner’s knee
  • Tennis /golfer’s elbow
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendonitis

Chiropractic Adjustment and Rehabilitative Therapies

Whether your sports injury is acute or chronic in nature, Integrated Medical Group can help you return to your favorite activity without resorting to surgery or drugs. Chiropractic adjustments to the spinal column or an extremity joint can get the joint components back into line and functioning properly, easing acute pain and nerve impingement. If an old sports injury has produced lasting scarring and stiffness, manipulation under anesthesia can break up those restrictions.

Are you suffering from an overuse injury? Correction of your spinal alignment may normalize your balance and weight distribution, relieving abnormal muscular stress that can promote injuries. Massage therapy not only speeds healing and relieves pain in injured muscles — it can also limber up your muscles before a big sporting event. We can combine these techniques with a variety of physiotherapy and corrective exercise options to make your body ready to play again.

Need a Sports Injury Chiropractor in Illinois?

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