The shoulders are made up of a combination of muscles, tendons, and joints which work together to give the arms a wide range of movement. Rarely do people ever think about the role that the shoulders actually play in the movement of their arms. Here at the Integrated Medical Group in Glen Carbon, our chiropractor understands the correlation between the shoulders and how they relate to arm movement. We strive to educate our patients on conditions related to the shoulders. Here are some of the conditions we commonly treat in our clinic.

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Bursitis occurs when the bursae become swollen and inflamed. Bursae are small sacs that are filled with fluid. They are found in joints within the body. Bursae serve as cushions between the overlying soft tissues and the bones to assist in the reduction of friction between the bones and the gliding muscles. When the shoulder is overused it causes the bursae between the acromion and the rotator to swell, causing a condition called sub-acromial bursitis. This condition of the shoulder is associated with tenderness or pain that is located on the anterior and top portions of the shoulder.


The cords connecting bone to muscle are known as tendons. When they become inflamed, the condition is called tendonitis. In the case of acute tendonitis, there is excessive use of the shoulder involving activities requiring overhead or upward movements like throwing a ball. Chronic tendonitis occurs as a result of age-related wear and tear and degenerative disease processes like arthritis. Some of the symptoms associated with tendonitis include pain and swelling in the side and front of the arm, pain when the arm is raised or lowered, stiffness in the affected limb and pain that disrupts sleep.


Shoulder impingement accounts for over 40 percent of the problems associated with the shoulders. It is the result of when the acromion places pressure on the soft tissues of the shoulder blade when the arm lifts away from the body. This movement causes the acromion to impinge or rub the tendons, rotator cuff and bursa. Impingement limits the mobility of the shoulder and can cause tendonitis and bursitis. Symptoms of impingement syndrome include pain when reaching overhead and marked weakness in the shoulder muscles when they are overused.

We Work as a Team

Here at the Integrated Medical Group in Glen Carbon, our goal is to work with our patients to determine the appropriate course of treatment to alleviate their pain. Our chiropractor uses a combination of treatments to achieve this goal including but not limited to: cold laser therapy, spinal adjustments, exercise, and muscle reconditioning and electromagnetic stimulation.

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