Integrated Medical Group has four locations to care for your natural health needs. Our chiropractic team in Carlyle, Glen Carbon, Highland and Greenville, IL use a holistic approach when helping you recover from injuries or restore your body to better health. One of the services we provide is physiotherapy. Physiotherapy uses different techniques that enhance your body’s natural ability to heal. If you live in the Glen Carbon, Carlyle, Greenville or Highland IL area and are seeking alternative healthcare, we invite you to speak with one of our chiropractors to learn more about our services.

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Our Integrated Medical Group Approach

Our chiropractor in Glen Carbon uses chiropractic adjustments to position your spine and joints into an alignment that reduce your pain, helps with recovery and restore your mobility. Sometimes, adjustments are not the only service required. Your injury or condition may also need physiotherapy techniques to boost healing. Some of our physiotherapy services include:

  • Electric muscle stimulation to increase strength in injured muscles those that are attached to injured joints. This process contracts and relaxes muscle cells without having to move the hurt joint.
  • Ultrasound to stimulate healing with sound waves sent into the deeper layers of muscle tissue. This treatment is gentle and often brings an immediate reduction in pain.
  • Mechanical traction to lengthen your spine and reduce pain. Traction helps to increase the space between the vertebrae to help repair herniated discs and conditions such as sciatica.
  • Moist heat therapy to increase circulation to injured areas. The enhanced blood flows stimulate healing and also helps to reduce inflammation.
  • Diathermy which is electrically induced heat placed near your injury. It helps reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Exercises that are specifically chosen for your injury or condition. For example, if you are struggling with tennis elbow, we show you how to stretch your arms to restore flexibility. Then, we use strengthening exercises to promote muscular balance and avoid future injuries.

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Our physiotherapy services are offered at all four of our locations which include Glen Carbon, Highland, Greenville and Carlyle, IL. Physiotherapy and its varied services provide treatment for injuries that occur in an auto accident, at work, during sports or at home. Physiotherapy also helps with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and spinal abnormalities by keeping your body strong and relaxed. Our Integrated Medical Group staff works with you to personally designed your healing program and help you overcome injury or chronic pain. The sooner you begin care, the sooner you feel better and are able to wake in the morning without pain. To learn more or to schedule your chiropractic evaluation, please call us today at (618) 692-6700.