Neck pain is a condition that can be downright debilitating if treatment is not sought for the condition. One way to reduce the symptoms of neck pain is to contact Integrated Medical Group to meet with our chiropractor Glen Carbon Illinois; Highland Illinois; Carlyle Illinois: Greenville Illinois; for help. Here is some information about this ailment including how chiropractic care is an effective means of Neck Pain treatment.

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Why Pain Settles Into the Neck

There are various reasons why someone would suffer from neck pain. Neck pain is often experienced when someone has a car accident or personal injury occurs. Keeping the neck stretched for long durations of time will lead to pain in the back or sides of the neck. This is often an occurrence that happens when someone looks at a cell phone often or when they sleep upon several pillows. When someone moves their neck repetitively, pain may settle into the body.

How to Avoid Neck Pain

It is important to check on your vehicle’s headrests so that they are positioned centrally behind the heads of those who will be seated in the car or truck. This will minimize the potential for whiplash should a vehicular accident happen to take place. Make sure you do not stack several pillows to sleep upon at night as this will keep your neck in an awkward position for many hours. If you move your neck around a lot to perform tasks on the job, make sure you take frequent breaks to minimize the chance of pain in this area of your body. Limit your cell phone usage to reduce the possibility of developing “text neck”.

How to Relieve Neck Pain

Neck pain treatment options include using the power of warm temperatures to soothe affected areas. The application of a heating pad to a hurt neck will encourage blood flow in this area. This will then speed up the healing time needed to reduce pain effectively. Make sure to remove a heating pad from the neck after about twenty minutes and keep it off of the area for a full twenty minutes before reapplication.

A trip to see our chiropractor is an effective Neck Pain treatment option. Our practitioner will use spinal adjustments to reduce joint stress around the neck region of your body. This, like temperature therapy, helps the body to heal. Many patients find that spinal adjustments work right away at relieving discomfort or pain in the neck.

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