Back pain is quite uncomfortable and can make it difficult for you to perform normal tasks if you deal with it on a constant basis. If you are struggling with this condition, Back Pain treatment is obtainable by calling Integrated Medical Group to meet with our chiropractor Glen Carbon Illinois; Highland Illinois; Carlyle Illinois: Greenville Illinois; for assistance. Read over the following information about back pain to find out why it occurs, how to treat it, and how chiropractic care can help.

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Why Back Pain Occurs

Many people struggle with back pain. It could be the result of an injury to the body due to the aftermath of a car accident or similar incident. It may be caused by lifting a heavy item or using poor ergonomics on the job. If you have poor posture, your back is likely to ache after walking or sitting for long durations of time. Back pain may be a symptom of arthritis in the body. You may also struggle with back pain if you recently gained weight or become pregnant.

How to Treat Back Pain

When you experience back pain, finding a way to get relief is always a concern. Many people find that making a few lifestyle changes can help to keep back pain from arising as frequently. Make sure to use proper furnishings to support your back and take frequent breaks on the job to keep your blood circulating and muscles limber. When back pain is felt, use warm temperatures as a means of comfort. A hot bath or shower can help to relax your muscles and promote the circulation of your blood, which can help to heal a back problem. A heating pad on the affected area can also provide you with relief. Make sure to rest whenever back pain is present.

What Our Chiropractor Can Do To Help

Our chiropractor will treat your back pain with non-invasive measures to bring you fast relief. This is done with help from spinal adjustments. Our practitioner will use a series of gentle movements along your spine to relieve joint stress, allowing for the healing of painful areas in the body. Our staff members will also provide you with recommendations regarding simple exercises or stretches that can help to promote healing of your back when necessary. Temperature therapy and massage are also available at our practice to try in conjunction with spinal adjustments.

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