The chiropractors at Integrated Medical Group deliver fast and effective treatment for auto accident injuries. We encourage you to call us as soon as possible after your accident so you do not have to live in pain or with limited mobility. Chiropractic care, along with our other natural treatments, help you recover quickly from an auto accident injury.

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We have four locations to care for your recovery needs. We are located in Glen Carbon, Highland, Carlyle and Greenville IL and have appointments available to fit your scheduling needs. Whether you have tried chiropractic care in the past or are new to alternative health care, our chiropractor in Glen Carbon, Greenville, Carlyle and Highland IL will develop a treatment plan for your fast recovery.

Chiropractic Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Chiropractic care for auto accident injuries uses a combination of services depending on your injury. Our chiropractors evaluate your condition to determine which services will ease your symptoms and restore your body to full health. Some of the auto accident injuries we care for include whiplash, concussions, back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, neck pain and hip pain. Keep in mind that auto accident injury symptoms do not always appear immediately, so it is best to let one of our chiropractors evaluate your neck and back to determine proper treatment. After your evaluation, our chiropractor suggests treatments that may include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to position your neck and back into a pain-free alignment. For example, if you were hit from behind and are experiencing whiplash symptoms such as a sore neck, our chiropractor gently moves the vertebrae in your neck and back to reduce pain and restore mobility.
  • Manipulations under anesthesia for areas that are extremely painful or tight. Our chiropractors may recommend placing you in a sleepy state so they can move your joints and back throughout a full range of motion without you tensing up.
  • Acupuncture care in Glen Carbon, Greenville, Highland and Carlyle IL to enhance energy flow and healing to the injured area.
  • Massage therapy services to reduce muscle tension and avoid the development of scar tissue at the injured site.
  • Corrective exercises to restore muscular balance and your flexibility.

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Auto accidents are disruptive enough in your life. You may lose time from work and auto repair can be costly. During this time, it is important to take care of yourself and staying pain-free goes a long way toward helping you focus. If you are dealing with pain following an auto accident, please speak with one of our Integrated Medical Group chiropractors by contacting us today at (618) 692-6700.